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Gifts for Pickleball Players

As a gift giving holiday or birthday approaches, finding gifts for pickleball players starts to become a challenge. Your social or family event is coming up and you want to find a better gift than last year's tie with a picture of Kermit the frog.

Picking out pickleball gifts for pickleball players should not be such a challenge so your friends at have come up with a list for the pickleball lovers on your list. It doesn't matter if you have personally never set a foot on a pickleball court - we have the perfect pickleball gift for that special someone who just happens to be a pickleball player.

Why Buy Pickleball Gifts?

1) A Pickleball Lover Will Use Them

Playing pickleball gets in your blood. Since everybody can play pickleball it is getting more and more popular, and a great gift is very likely going to be used over and over.

You will see a list of necessities below so if your friend or family member is missing any of these items, these become easy selections for your list of great pickleball gifts. Then you will see a list of other good ideas of accessories and even funny pickleball gifts for pickleball players. So much to choose from!

2) Playing Pickleball is Great Exercise

Let's face it - you want your special someone to be healthy. So, encouraging them to get out on the pickleball courts and get some exercise is always a great gift idea all by itself.

3) A Pickleball Player Wants Pickleball Gifts

The best pickleball gifts are kind of a "can't miss" kind of gifts for pickleball players. They need some stuff to play pickleball and your gifts for pickleball players will be exactly what they want.

4) Pickleball is Easy to Learn

That family member who is a non-athlete can play pickleball. That friend that has a few extra pounds or a few extra years can play. Yes, your parents can play too.

Sometimes, all someone needs is a little nudge to get started. Buying that person a simple paddle might just be enough to get them to try pickleball and once they do that, well, there is no turning back - they will get bit by the bug and all the fun it includes.

5) Pickleball is Social

The gift of pickleball equipment will help someone join up with their friends who have already taken up the game. These are the best gifts as your family and friends will enjoy themselves in the company of other players.

5 Must Have Pickleball Gifts

1) Pickleball Paddle

A pickleball paddle is absolutely required for playing pickleball. So, how do you know what you should look for in a pickleball paddle?

Spend some time with our Buying Guide for details but here are some key questions to answer.

What is their skill level?

If they are new to pickleball, stick with lightweight pickleball paddles or mid-weight pickleball paddles at the heaviest. Weight is the most important thing in selecting paddles.

If they have been playing pickleball for a while, then they are ready for a mid-weight pickleball paddle. Advanced players sometimes want to move up to the heavyweights.

What is their hand size?

The average sized hand will probably use a 4 1/8 size pickleball paddle grip. Bigger hands will want a 4 3/8 while a small hand could go down to a paddle as small as 3 7/8. When in doubt, go with the 4 1/8 or 4 1/4 as bigger hands can build up the grip with replacement grips that are a simple DIY job.

What are they playing with now?

If they are playing with an old wooden paddle, then run, don't walk, to get them a new pickleball paddle. They will thank you now and later.

Then find out if their current paddle is a fiberglass composite or a graphite paddle. Knowing this will help you quickly narrow down the choice for their next pickleball paddle.

Every pickleball lover should have at least two paddles as they do break. A broken paddle in the middle of a game means game over unless they have a backup. And the common polymer honeycomb core will wear out over time causing the paddle to become hard to use and should be replaced.

Now you have some choices:

  1. Buy them a second paddle identical to what they have now. Particularly if they have played with a favorite paddle for a while, they might want a duplicate.

  2. Buy them the opposite to what they have now to experiment. A player who currently uses a graphite paddle might get their game to a whole new level with a carbon fiber or fiberglass paddle and vice versa.

  3. Buy them an upgrade. Pickleball is advancing so fast that any paddle over 3 years old is obsolete so an awesome pickleball gift will always be a new model.

  4. Try a new brand. Pickleball lovers really enjoy trying out new brands, so new brands like Vaught Sports will really get their attention.

  5. Try a new paddle in the lineup of their current paddle brand. A pickleball player is sometimes brand loyal so look for new models in established brands like Wilson, Head or Paddletek.

2) Pickleball Shoes

Just to be clear, you can play pickleball in any athletic shoe. But shoes made for the pickleball court make great pickleball gifts since they can help footwork and improve play.

What Shoes Make the Best Pickleball Gifts?

1) Lightweight Shoes

Pickleball involves short, quick footwork so the shoes need to be light.

2) Lateral Support

Look for shoes that help support the foot in quick, side to side movements. Shoes that help you to keep from rolling an ankle are the best gift for a player.

3) Non-Marking Shoes

Particularly if your pickleball gift is for the person playing indoors, this is a critical feature to look for as your pickleball player does not want to get thrown off the court for marking it up.

3) Pickleball Bag

Pickleball bags make the perfect gift for all players but especially those that are always on the go. They need to carry paddles, balls, and pickleball clothing wherever they go.

Chances are, they now have to move stuff out of a gym or tennis bag. It just makes sense for them to have the right sized bag dedicated to their favorite sport of pickleball. Bags make great gifts for every player.

Pickleball Backpack

As pickleball gains popularity with younger generations, the trend toward pickleball backpacks will do nothing other than accelerate. Teens can be ultra finicky to buy for so if they are getting into pickleball, the best gifts for them could very well be a backpack this holiday season or for a birthday.

But backpacks can be the perfect pickleball gift for any age simply because they are so comfortable and practical. There are also bags that convert to backpacks for those who want some choice in a pickleball bag.

4) Pickleball Clothing

A list of pickleball gift ideas would not be complete without discussing the right pickleball gear for the pickleball courts. Tons of options for women, men, boys and girls.

T Shirts

A T shirt is a "never fail" on the list of pickleball gift ideas. But be aware that pickleball players play in both warm and chilly conditions. Look for T shirt pickleball designs with long or short sleeves.


The days of baggy sweats aren't exactly gone, but in cooler climates you need playing pants that protect you from the wind but don't inhibit movement. Look for quality material with elastic or zippers at the ankle so pants don't hurt footwork.


Most tennis bottoms will work well as for anyone who loves pickleball. Pockets are not as important in pickleball gifts as players will often not need to carry any extra pickleball balls.

5) Pickleball Balls

Balls make great pickleball gift ideas. Balls make the perfect gift as a stocking stuffer or a gift for a casual acquaintance as they are very low in cost.

Need a low cost gift for a gift exchange at the office Christmas party or as a hostess gift for Thanksgiving Day? Balls are great gift!

For the sophisticated pickleball player, be aware that there are different balls for outside vs. inside play. And note that wiffle balls do not make the grade as they do not offer the consistent bounce needed from pickleball equipment.

Other Great Gift Ideas

Portable Pickleball Net

A real "wow" of a gift for a special occasion is a portable net. Pickleball courts are often lines on a tennis court. Having your own net means you can play anytime you want.

Look for portable nets with carrying bags as these nets will break down into a very simple device to throw into a car trunk. These will also insure you keep all the pieces together.

Pickleball Paddle Cover

A cover for each paddle is a great way to protect paddles and to extend their lives. Dents from keys, cell phones and other things can and will cause dents in paddles which can make them unusable. A paddle cover is a very inexpensive gift for every player.

Pickleball Journal

Keeping track of match results will help tournament players remember the competition. The detail oriented player will see a pickleball journal as a perfect present.

Other Accessories

Water Bottles

Water bottles are always great gifts especially for the player who is out in the heat when playing. Be sure to seek out dishwasher safe models with a size that holds enough water or sports drink to last through several hours of play but is still able to fit in a pickleball bag.

Pickleball Socks

The right pickleball socks can make the difference between painful blisters and feet that are happy at the end of a long pickleball session. Cushion socks will make feet say "ahhhh" assuming the shoes have room for thicker pickleball socks.

Pickleball Socks

The right pickleball socks can make the difference between painful blisters and feet that are happy at the end of a long pickleball session. Cushion socks will make feet say "ahhhh" assuming the shoes have room for thicker pickleball socks.

Crew Socks

While the type of sock is very much a personal choice, crew socks are ideal for playing outdoors. These will keep ankles warm when tucked under long pants.

Low Cut Socks

When all the height of crew socks isn't needed but protection from shoes rubbing against the skin is needed, low cut socks are a great gift.

No Show Socks

There are lots of people who feel like tan lines are a nuisance. No show socks minimize tan lines and are especially easy to get on and off.

Hats and Visors

Harmful UV rays are nothing to take lightly. Particularly for those whose hair is thinning or missing, deflecting some of those rays is very important.

In addition to deflecting rays, some hats and visors will have absorbent strips around the headband to soak up the perspiration that is inevitable when playing in the sun. And many brands make hats with their logos so players can show off their loyalty to a particular company.

Ladies and some guys with long hair might appreciate the ability to pull pony tails back and out of the way. Certain hats (with an "x" style head band in back)have clever designs allowing different pony tail heights.


The whole key with sunglasses is making sure yours will stay in place with those quick side to side and back to front moves done on every point.

Pickleball Gloves

Gloves are not for everyone but they are important in colder weather to keep a good grip on the paddle. The tougher players will play all year around outside so these pickleball gloves take on increasing importance.

Not just any gloves will do however. Find those that work in gripping the paddle without losing touch and finesse.


Unfortunately, some players suffer from tennis elbow (aka pickleball elbow.) Be sure to see our extensive discussion of finding the right paddle for these people but braces can sometimes help with the symptoms causing so much pain.


Technology is part of every aspect of our lives and the pickleball court is no exception. There are several pickleball gifts that will appeal to the tech oriented player.

Step Counters

The moves in pickleball might be short, but they really add up. For the avid step counter, there are sports oriented models for their wrist to keep track of your mileage on the court.

On-Line Subscriptions

There are paid websites that will offer private consultations with players. These are especially helpful for the tournament player and professional. Sometimes an online course(with an extra cost) is all a player needs to take their game to the next level.


Video recording equipment for watching yourself hit shots is instructive. Gift certificates for lessons are always a good idea to learn and improve a skill set. In addition, new equipment is coming out that will feed balls so strokes can be grooved in practice - just like in tennis.

Funny Pickleball Gifts

Pickleball Jewelery

With pickleball entering the mainstream thanks to its incredible growth, pickleball jewelry can be serious or funny. But the best gifts might just be those that bring a smile to those around the player.

Look for sterling silver pickleball earrings or pickleball key chains or sterling silver Christmas ornaments. Charms for bracelets and necklace pendants are nice accent pieces prized by many.

Other Stuff

How about a pickleball themed license plate cover? And yes, pickleball themed candy is out there too.

A funny pickleball water bottle would really help round out the pickleball fanatic's pickleball bag. All of these kinds of ideas are available at all kinds of prices.

Gift Cards

Too many good ideas to decide? There is always the idea that never is the wrong size or the wrong color or the wrong anything. It is the gift card.

Since you are thinking about pickleball, why not buy several gift cards to have on hand for a last second gift? They are available in various denominations. This is the gift that is sure to please that difficult to buy for person on your list!

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