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Pickleball Courts Near Me

There is bad news and good news if you are trying to find pickleball courts near me. The bad news is that the demand to play pickleball continues to grow at a very rapid pace. The good news is that new facilities both outdoors and indoors are being established all the time.

To find a pickleball court requires one part knowledge of your local area, one part detective skill, one part network of friends and one part basic computer skills. In your search for a court be aware that differences exist as to court conditions, costs, membership restrictions, hours, and even player skill level.

Is It Popular to Play Pickleball?

Yes, and it is getting more popular all the time! If you are having trouble finding available places to play pickleball, a few of these statistics may explain why.

As of February 2022, there are 4.8million pickleball players according to the Sports & Fitness Industry Association (SFIA). They track participation in at least 120 sports and leisure activities and pickleball has grown by over 39% over the last two years alone. This makes pickleball the fastest growing sport in the country for two years in a row.

The growth is also happening internationally with enormous growth in Canada, Mexico and Great Britain. This all begs the question of whether there is enough space on the existing pickleball courts for all these groups getting more people involved and the clear answer is no.

Where are Pickleball Courts Found?

Since there are both indoor and outdoor courts, players can find pickleball courts in lots of places IF you know where to look. The official governing body of the sport, USA Pickleball Association (USAPA) says that you can play pickleball anywhere the official size court can be created: parking lots, driveways or backyards included!

Indoor Pickleball Courts

Private Clubs

Here's the insider tip on these locations: many do not require you to be a member or join the club to play pickleball. Yes, you will pay a fee (probably), but this is not universally true so call ahead or visit them in person to get the scoop.

Private Local YMCA (YWCA)

This kind of location may have indoor courts or outdoor pickleball courts. Often the indoor courts are actually basketball courts with pickleball lines on the floor and a portable pickleball net or nets. There will be restrictions on available hours and members will probably get first dibs on court time.

Senior Centers

While the demographics of pickleball continue to get younger and younger, many senior centers have pickleball courts especially in city locations. Often free or very low cost, a community-based group like this knows this activity is fun for their members so they will often have paddles and other equipment for players to use.

Tennis Clubs

If you can find tennis courts, there is a good chance you can play pickleball there too. Pickleball court lines are often placed over tennis court lines so it can be a bit confusing at times, but chances are a business dedicated to tennis will want this game available.

School and Church Gyms

These locations are very hit and miss with more miss than hit - for now. Since this game is so easy for kids to learn, these very busy facilities are increasingly adding pickleball lines to their gyms. Contact the school to see if they are open to the public.

Outdoor Pickleball Courts

In good weather, other than private clubs, these are often free or extremely low cost to access.

Public Park

A park is a great place to find a pickleball court site. Usually free and open to all members of the community, these locations get significant play. Just about every city and county either has a place to play pickleball or is working on one or more.

The issue is the condition of this kind of pickleball court. Vandalism is a problem everywhere and an outdoor court is one of those pickleball locations that is vulnerable.

Tennis Courts

Since many tennis players also play pickleball or have played pickleball, more and more tennis courts do double duty. At these locations you can play tennis or pickleball using the same net. The rub is the height has to be adjustable to play pickleball by the rules.

Homeowner Associations

Sometimes your closest location for you to search for is in your back yard. If you have a tennis court or a basketball court, you can play pickleball if there are lines and a net.

Some places though, restrict hours and have noise rules if the court location is near residents' dwellings. Be courteous and play at times that won't anger the community.

Private Pickleball Clubs

Mostly found in pickleball hotbeds, members will usually pay dues but not for court time. Guests can usually play with members accompanying them.

These places to play pickleball are usually maintained very well and if you get the chance to play a few games at this kind of pickleball court you may get spoiled and want to join!


When traveling, there are plenty of places with courts. Check with the front desk.

Pickleball Court Website Searches

To find a pickleball court near your location, a bit of computer savvy can save massive amounts of time.

Pickleball Facebook Groups

You don't have to sign up for social media to look. Facebook groups exist for city and regional locations and can be a great source of the latest information about new locations.

Use common sense whenever you use social media and be mindful of privacy with any new contact made. Join a group if it looks helpful and fun.

USAPA Website

The USA Pickleball Association exists to promote the game so finding a pickleball court near you is right in their wheelhouse. As a database, it is only as good as the information they are given.

This is a truly national database and is a great resource to find places to play pickleball. USA Pickleball Places 2 Play Pickleball. They also have a places2play app if you are doing a search on your mobile.

The USAPA website gives you a location name and any known visit rules. Note that this is a self-reporting website so you may want to verify availability and accuracy by contacting the location by phone.

Regional Places to Play Pickleball

You can search for a website by region. Here are a few of the bigger sites to visit:

Search Everywhere

You will have a ball playing pickleball. Finding places to play pickleball is easy if you apply a bit of detective work as you search the websites and/or the app icons that work on your technology.

As you search for locations, remember you will need a paddle and ball from A great pair of shoes and the right apparel will round out your search.

Contact us with any questions. Our friendly staff is here to answer questions and they love to help players who are beginners or who are tournament experts and everyone in between!